Within the heart of Haiti's lush wilderness, the transformative power of plants takes center stage, and alongside them, the Doktè Feuilles. Also known as leaf doctors, these herbal experts have always possessed an innate understanding of the healing properties of these native plants and herbs.

While FURCY Botanik is based in the US, we proudly draw inspiration from Haiti and the healing properties of its indigenous plants. Our creativity is sparked by the charming mountain town of Furcy, where these exceptional ingredients are known to make us well inside and out and are still sourced by these local healers.



Visionary co-founder Nathania Dominique is the heart and soul of FURCY Botanik, bringing with her a deep passion for plant extracts and essential oils and a wealth of expertise in crafting highly sought-after skincare products. Her creative, entrepreneurial journey started with a unique wellness cafe, where patrons can also indulge in Nathania’s line of natural skincare products. Nathania is the driving force behind FURCY Botanik’s community-focused efforts, launching a charitable program benefiting the children of Furcy.


A respected and adored figure in the beauty world, Harvey Gedeon started his career as a bench chemist at Revlon; decades later, he retired as the Executive Vice President of Research and Development and Marketing of the Estée Lauder Companies. The FURCY Botanik co-founder has been a force of nature in the beauty world for more than 30 years, creating many of the most lauded skincare and cosmetic products. A true legend, he is known for his scientific advancements in skincare and cosmetics and was drawn back into the industry, inspired by the potency of Haiti’s native plants.

"We wanted to combine the indigenous knowledge with cutting-edge science to acheive superior skin care products. Our tests results and testimonials show that we have acheived our goal."

- Harvey