Unveiling the Science Behind Our Skincare

We're passionate about harnessing the power of nature and science to create exceptional skincare products. Central to our approach is the science of biofermentation, a natural process that unlocks the full potential of all the botanicals that we use.

Our Proprietary Biofermentation Process

Biofermentation in skincare refers to a natural and innovative process where microorganisms like bacteria and yeast, are used to break down skincare ingredients, such as plants, herbs and other natural compounds into newly formed particles that are more potent and more easily absorbed, leading to improved skin texture, hydration, and overall health.

The Furcy Botanik difference is a four-step approach that starts with our rigorous Ingredient Selection. We select natural ingredients such as Djon Djon mushroom and guava leaves, ingredients that are rich in vital constituents.

We then follow this with the process of Microorganism Cultivation. In a controlled environment, our scientists carefully choose and cultivate specific strains of yeast and lactobacillus, focusing on their unique abilities to enhance the potency of natural ingredients.

The third, most important part is our proprietary Biofermentation Process. In this instance, our Djon Djon mushroom and guava leaves are blended with yeast and lactobacillus separately. During this transformative process, the microorganisms metabolize these ingredients, breaking them down into smaller, more bio-compatible compounds. This natural fermentation releases highly efficacious compounds which are beneficial for the skin's health and vitality.

Following this meticulous fermentation process, our mixture undergoes Filtration to eliminate any remaining microorganisms or byproducts, ensuring purity and safety. Once this filtration is complete, the resulting solution is carefully Stabilized

The result is a groundbreaking, exclusive skincare formulation that’s rooted in nature and fueled by science which offers unparalleled benefits for your skin.

Our two hero ingredients and their unique advantages:


In vitro testing of Shieldmax-GF1™, the compound from biofermented Guava leaves, has proven its excellent antioxidant and DNA repair capabilities. It also significantly enhances the production and levels of Collagen-1 and Hyaluronic Acid production in the skin following UV exposure.

Unveiling the Powerful Performers

Alongside our star ingredients, Hydramax-DF1™, Shieldmax-GF1™ and our other botanical wonders, co-founder and master chemist Harvey Gedeon expertly blends advanced skincare ingredients to craft world-class, highly potent products. His formulations help prolong a youthful radiance which we call BeautySpan™.

Moisturizers and Hydrators

Tone Correctors

Skin Firmers

Calmers and Soothers